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By ignoring the refugee crisis, we are denying basic human rights to 65.3 million people. Join World for Refugees and fight back.

On Tuesday, June 20,  2017, World for Refugees launched a social media campaign in commemoration of World Refugee Day with the goal of raising global awareness for the status of refugees around the world. The video features a family of refugees sharing their story through a series of tweets. Their story ends with a poignant message that reverberates in the hearts of many —Life is not over. The story does not end at the point of escape; for many, it is just the beginning.

In the video, titled “Refugees Among Us”, World for Refugees attempts to shed light on stereotypes and misconceptions placed on refugees in today’s society by allowing refugees and migrants rewrite the global narrative and share their stories. They work with refugees rather than for them. While the reality of many refugees today is horrifying and dangerous, the “Refugees Among Us” campaign aims to dispel the misconceptions towards who refugees are and what place they hold in our everyday lives. 

The video was filmed with Singing Fox Creative in Columbia, SC (USA). WFR worked with a family of refugees to provide a platform for their story, rather than imposing one on them. You can find the video on Facebook and Youtube (they have versions in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin available on Youtube).

Working in support of the United Nations TOGETHER campaign, World for Refugees hopes to have significant international impact with the “Refugees Among Us” video. The video is available in all six official languages of the United Nations to highlight the fact that the refugee crisis is a truly global crisis and is the collective responsibility of all nations. World for Refugees is committed to mobilizing and empowering advocates from around the world to bring the refugee crisis to the forefront of the international dialogue.