For the first time in history, the number of individuals in the world displaced by conflict or persecution has exceeded 60 million; with an estimated 65 million refugees and internally displaced persons throughout the world, we are faced with arguably the largest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. When over half of the world’s refugees are children, it is clear that the refugee crisis transcends political disagreements and becomes an issue of human rights—rights that people from all backgrounds should be unified in defending. The lack of a sufficient international response to the global refugee crisis, as well as expanding campaigns against refugee rights throughout Europe, highlights the urgent need for meaningful dialogue that crosses lines of culture, national origin, and worldview.

World for Refugees operates as an international youth & refugee led non-governmental organization with the ultimate goal of serving all persons who have been wrongfully displaced by war and violence; how do we achieve this goal? we raise awareness of the evident crisis throughout the world, provide a platform for refugees to share their reality, lobby individual states and global forums to further the refugee agenda, implement educational programs across our national iterations to educate others on the stigma of refugees, among other crucial activities. Thus, WFR calls for an increase in funding for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the implementation of an expanded quota system for the acceptance of refugees, and the raising of funds for the Adopt a Future Campaign, which works to provide refugees with an education to secure a brighter freer future.

Our efforts began in March 2017 with a core international team of ten passionate leaders, each with their own unique area of expertise. The project’s growth has been exponential and more. As of June, 2017, World for Refugees galvanized the interests of over 200 passionate youth leaders in more than 50 countries. In the short time that WFR has existed, it has been able to:

  • Work in support of the United Nations TOGETHER campaign.
  • Launch their first global campaign, with a poignant video titled “Refugees Among Us” World for Refugees sheds light on stereotypes and misconceptions placed on refugees in today’s society by allowing refugees and migrants rewrite the global narrative and share their stories. To read more about our video, check out our press release or watch the video.
  • Proudly join the United Nations Association of the United States Council of Organizations, the global community of nongovernmental organizations.
  • Form National Programs in 11 countries: Armenia, Brazil, DR Congo, Ghana, Greece, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, and the United Kingdom.

Sustainable action on a global level is well within reach, but in order for this to take place, individuals from around the world must take action to bring the refugee crisis to the forefront. World for Refugees is committed to mobilizing and empowering advocates from around the world to bring the refugee crisis to the forefront of the international dialogue,  because nothing is greater than a world for refugees.