In the Works


World for Refugees is actively conducting interviews of refugees and asylum-seekers across the globe. Authorizing testimony preparation and submission to UN conferences and committees World for Refugees’ international teams hold the responsibility of creating  a platform for refugees, asylum seekers, displaced persons, and migrants and to spread awareness about the amazing foundations raising funds to help refugees. At the core of the mission of World For Refugees is the understanding that the global refugee crisis goes beyond merely statistics—when reduced to numbers, we fail to recognize the unique experiences of the millions of refugees throughout the world. For this reason, we want to show that refugees are not just statistics, but they are real people with real stories, and we are helping them tell those stories. Instead of speaking for refugees, we are letting them speak for themselves. By interviewing and meeting different refugees and migrants, we are giving them a global voice to tell their stories and to empower others like them. We are also underscoring the fact that refugees are human beings, deserving of the basic rights and amenities many of us take for granted. By featuring stories of refugees’ unique experiences, we provide a first person perspective of the difficult realities faced by refugees around the  world.


Education Curriculum:

World for Refugees is working in support of the UN’s Together campaign in creating and finalizing an education program targeted towards both refugees and non-refugees.

For our refugee education program, we plan on beginning our testing phase with our National Team in Uganda. The refugee education program will focus around helping refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons identify and further their life skills and career objectives to help them assimilate better in their future host societies. We also plan on focusing on the importance and effectiveness of storytelling skills to encourage refugees in advocacy and global dialogue.

For our non-refugee education program, we plan on beginning our ventures in high school and universities to identify the stigma and prejudices in a classroom environment. We believe that bringing attention to and educating on the social stigmas in a classroom environment will allow for a more effective way to encourage the youth to participate in the international dialogue on the refugee crisis.


Volunteer Tech Platform:

World for Refugees is currently in beta phase on a tech platform that we will be introducing on our website that will work to feature the various volunteer opportunities offered by our partners. The aim for this project is to identify in which capacity each visitor would like to participate in alleviating the refugee crisis, whether that be signing a pledge, attending a seminar, or volunteering/interning with World for Refugees or one of our partner organizations. This way, World for Refugees will be able to provide a curated selection of real ways that real people can get involved with the refugee crisis today. We are working in collaboration with our partners to feature the ways in which they choose to tackle the crisis as well.