Malaysia for Refugees

We are a youth-led, refugee-led campaign dedicated to raising awareness for the global refugee crisis throughout the world and providing a platform for refugees to share their stories. Malaysians are privileged to have being exposed to people of different race and culture, allowing us to easily unite under a common cause, which I believe has molded us into being very empathetic individuals. We urge you, Malaysians to join us to lead and create this platform to better the lives of refugees in Malaysia and across the world. According to Al-Jazeera, a new broadcasting platform, has reported on how refugees are treated in Malaysia. While they are accepted, there are no laws that protect or help refugees, making them susceptible to police brutality and inequality. So, join us if you want to help the refugees in Malaysia live better and perhaps return to their own countries one day.

National Coordinator: Jordan Goh


Positions available: