Rewriting the Narrative

A Voice for Refugees and a Platform for Intercultural Dialogue

For the first time in history, the number of individuals in the world displaced by conflict or persecution has exceeded 60 million; with an estimated 65 million refugees and internally displaced persons throughout the world, we are faced with arguably the largest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. When over half of the world’s refugees are children, it is clear that the refugee crisis transcends political disagreements and becomes an issue of human rights—rights that people from all backgrounds should be unified in defending.

There are thousands of young children locked in Idomeni and other camps around Greece. Most of them are with their families, but it is estimated by the NGO, Save The Children, that about 600 of them are completely alone. Can you be their helping hand?

The lack of a sufficient international response to the global refugee crisis, as well as expanding campaigns against refugee rights throughout Europe, highlights the urgent need for meaningful dialogue that crosses lines of culture, national origin, and worldview. World for Refugees is a youth-led, refugee-led campaign dedicated to raising awareness for the global refugee crisis throughout the world and providing a platform for refugees to share their stories. At the core of the mission of World For Refugees is the understanding that the global refugee crisis goes beyond merely statistics—when reduced to numbers, we fail to recognize the unique experiences of the millions of refugees throughout the world.

A refugee is a person who is outside his or her country of nationality and can’t return due to a well-founded fear of persecution because of his or her race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.” –

There are refugees present in nearly all countries throughout the world, and it is the shared responsibility of all nations to enact change. Representation is an essential component of World for Refugees, and by amplifying the voices of refugees within their communities, we hope to start the conversation among all members of the communities and raise visibility for the human impact of this crisis. Too often, meaningful dialogue is drowned out by divisive political rhetoric, as seen in recent years throughout Europe and the United States.

A record high share of the world’s population is displaced from their homes. Percent of the world’s population that is forcibly displaced.

World for Refugees is committed to encouraging individuals to learn more about how the refugee crisis impacts their local communities and how they can take action to defend the human rights of all refugees. We believe that anyone can stand with refugees through engaging in dialogue and advocating on their behalf. Intercultural communication allows for the development of a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity and human rights, an important step toward a world characterized by peace and acceptance, rather than conflict and division.

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