The International Communications Team works on the global campaigns and marketing efforts of World for Refugees. This department creates and controls all branding i.e. voice, slogans, keywords, and social media platforms. The Communications team monitors and populates all social media channels under World for Refugees. It also controls use of WFR logos and brand voice. Finally, all proposals and documents are reviewed, edited, and branded by the team.

Each national iteration of World for Refugees will follow the templates, social packs, and manuals provided by the International Communications Team. National chapters’ Communications teams will work under and in collaboration with the International Communications Department in matters such as outreach, collaboration, marketing, and campaigns. Though every national iteration of World for Refugees is expected to adapt their national chapter according to the cultural, social, and political atmosphere of said region, the International team leads control all final calls on marketing and research.

International Director of Communications: Alexandria Rothschild-Edwards