World for Refugees’ Partnerships Team creates and coordinates partnerships with various organisations regarding the issue of refugee displacement and other refugee crisis related issues. Specifically, the team handles all phases of our partnerships process, from inception to implementation. Our deputy directors research and coordinate partnerships that can assist us in any phase of the campaign, ranging from media attention to research support to financial assistance. These partnerships will span the globe, and many will be formal partnerships with governments and global NGOs.

In addition, our team provides meetings with stakeholders and partnership proposals to clarify the geographical scope, vision, and objectives of such partnerships. The department also has analysts and a secretary to handle logistical matters such as communication between WFR and organisations while conducting research about local context of partnership proposals. Each team member specialises in partnerships involving the following specializations: media, research support, financial support, trade unions, and labor affiliated organizations, legal support, and advocacy groups.

Please contact the following members if interested in a partnership:

Co-Executive Director (New York-based): Hannah Kapadia (

Co-Executive Director (Australia-based): Dana Heriot (

Chief of Staff: Letitia Pullen (